How To Introduce Your New Nesting Box To The Coop

If you are introducing these nesting boxes to a new coop or replacing old nesting boxes, you may run into the issue that your hens don’t take to their new surroundings and begin laying on the floor or other places you don’t want. This is completely normal and your hens need to be trained to use the new nesting boxes. We have a few tips on how to do that:

Fake Eggs

Place fake eggs in some of the nesting boxes to give your hens a hint that this is the place to lay their eggs. Don’t forget to mark your fake eggs so they don’t end up mixed in with the real eggs you collect.


Add Some Nesting Material

If you are transitioning from another nesting box then it can be useful to place a small amount of the nesting material you previously used inside these trays. Although they do not need any material, they will still roll the eggs forward if using a thin layer of straw, shredded paper or a thin nesting pad. Your hens will be familiar with the material from their previous nesting boxes and help them understand these nesting boxes are a safe space for them to lay. Once your hens are comfortable laying in the new nesting boxes then you can remove the nesting material.


Be Patient

Your hens are smarter than you may think, they will eventually figure out the nesting boxes are a safe space for them to lay. It only takes one to understand the new nesting boxes is where they should lay and the others will follow.


Have another way you transition your hens from one nesting box to another comment below and let us know!