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Reverse Roll Out Nesting Box - 3 Compartment w/ Wooden Perch

Reverse Roll Out Nesting Box - 3 Compartment w/ Wooden Perch

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Collect your eggs quickly and easily from OUTSIDE your coop!

This one-of-a-kind nesting box is designed for your convenience and your hen's comfort. The roll-away design encourages the eggs to roll under the lid to help keep them protected and make the collection process easier.  The side panels, divider, and roof are made from galvanized metal for a stable and durable structure when assembled, the basket trays and lids are made with plastic that won't rust, rot or corrode, and the perch is made from galvanized metal (for the mount) and wood. These laying boxes are sized for medium to large hens and each can fit up to four hens. The basket trays have ventilation holes to allow debris to fall through, keeping them as clean as possible. These can also be removed from outside of the coop so that you can conveniently clean the hen's nesting space without entering the coop. The intentional design is created so that the baskets slant backward slightly when mounted to allow the eggs to roll under the lid and protect them from damage until collection and prevent you from needing to enter the coop unnecessarily, which can potentially disturb your chickens. 

This variation of the nesting box is perfect if you're looking for convenience when it comes to collecting eggs from your coop. If you have a coop that is short and uncomfortable to enter this can be a great solution for you to still enjoy the benefits of freshly laid eggs and hobby farming.

If you have trouble transitioning your hens from one nesting box to another don't worry, this is completely normal and often to be expected. Visit our blog post How To Introduce Your New Nesting Box To The Coop for guidance throughout this process.

Each individual box measures 10.5 in. long x 15. in. wide x 20 in. high at the highest point. The complete set measures 31.5 in. long x 20.5 in. wide x 20 in. high.

Hardware Included

**Includes an instruction sheet with guidance on assembly and installation.

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